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Nice to meet you beautiful soul! I'm Jasmine. A Healer, Intuitive & Coach. I help you to HEAL your LIFE through your RELATIONSHIPS. Starting with YOU!  Dive on in and get your energy healing and tapping on!


Do you know how amazing FORGIVENESS is?

Feeling overwhelmed & stress? Struggling to release old hurts and wounds? Stuck in a vicious cycle? This is for you then!

Life can be a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. And in my perspective roller coasters are freaking awesome! However, you don't want to get stuck on a never ending emotional roller coaster that drags you back and forth between painful memories. You don't want to be stuck in a vicious cycle of heartache, pain, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety and all the other things that come up sometimes in life. 

Yes, life can be a handful sometimes. However, it doesn't have to be this way.

FORGIVENESS can be like a secret weapon you pull out and use to help release yourself from the emotional baggage and weights that can build up. 

FORGIVENESS is my jam and I'm pretty passionate about talking to every single person I know about it. It can be life changing, healing and really can help you supercharge your own personal healing journey. 

So we jumped on Zoom and did this energy healing to help release the things no longer serving you and to help you feel safe, secure and protected. 

The full moon is great time to RELEASE things that aren't

serving you and to cleanse your energy, self, home, etc...

This energy healing was done on January 20, 2019 
with the energy of the Super Blood Wolf Moon

Here's what we covered in this recording...
☆Forgiveness and why it's so important
☆How we can use forgiveness in our lives
☆Releasing anything that isn't serving your highest good
☆Plenty of AFFIRMATIONS to get you feeling better & supporting your healing​

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