Inner Soul Cafe Membership 

What is Inner Soul Cafe?

A private online membership focused on YOUR HEALING.  
Built on supporting you with coaching, healing, lots of love & laughter.


Nice to meet you beautiful soul! I'm Jasmine. A Healer, Intuitive & Coach. I help you to HEAL your LIFE through your RELATIONSHIPS. Starting with YOU!  Thank you for taking a moment of your time to come checkout the HealingOne: Inner Soul Cafe.

I created this membership based on the needs I consistently see with my clients, and based on my own personal experiences as a coach and healer.  To support you in enjoying your journey of self, healing and life. Sometimes you just need to know that you've got a support system and others dedicated to cheering you on.

Healing doesn't have to be hard or scary.
We are ready to welcome you in if this is the space you've been searching for. 

"Because It's All About You"

  • Energy Healings (valued at $197 & up)
  • Intuitive Guidance (valued at $197 & up)
  • Customized EFT tapping videos (valued at $197 & up)
  • Monthly Crystals & Stones classes (valued at $97 per class)
  • Access to me via the free Voxer app to ask your more personal questions (valued at $394 & up monthly, as a stand alone option)
  • Periodic giveaways of my Healing Energy Jewelry pieces, Books, T-shirts, etc (valued between $15 for the book, up to $215 for a necklace)
  • Monthly Wisdom videos & Q&A sessions
  • Healing On every Level video series collection
  • Private (facebook) group where everything is housed and to receive accountability and ongoing support, while also engaging with other beautiful souls walking similar paths and share connection and support
  • Private membership site where everything is housed, especially useful for those who do not use social media, yet you still want to work with me and have access to all the group content and benefits 

    (PLEASE NOTE... This is especially helpful for those who want to participate in the Inner Soul Cafe for our monthly classes, and have access to all of the content, as well as access to me in Voxer. However, you don't necessarily want the typical "group environment". In the membership site, you have all the content and will join us live in the monthly classes via Zoom or get the replays in the private site, but don't have to be on facebook or social media to enjoy all of the other benefits). 



As you can see, the membership is jam paced with a value of OVER $1,097 if you were to book those individual sessions/options with me monthly. But the membership is the perfect sweet spot for my clients and for me! I get to do what I love to do, and share my gifts, while also creating an affordable option for those that need and want it via the group/membership environment. 

And of course,you're always welcome to book the 1:1 sessions when you need and want that extra personalized guidance and support!

Inner Soul Cafe group membership is designed to support you in your individual journey of healing, along with group support. Everyone heals, learns and expands at their own pace. By creating the space to allow the collective energy of healing to resonate, each person receives what they need, when they need it.

"The Inner Soul Cafe continuously helps me grow in this journey, believe I am worthy to be blessed,

change my language because words have power, shift my thinking and expect good things to happen!

After going through a devastating divorce I needed to connect with people who were shifting

and growing. Thank God I found that group!" ~~Group Member

Members are experiencing:

  • Increasing SELF-LOVE
  • More ease in daily life
  • Increasing SELF-CONFIDENCE
  • Boosting self-esteem and image
  • Releasing feelings of anxiety and overwhelm
  • Inspired strategies to create and manifest desires
  • Releasing negative people or those who no longer serve their highest good
  • Alleviating and or helping to reduce the effects of depression
  • Improvements in their romantic relationships,
  • Increases in money via business or jobs, and other random money coming in. Good right!?!
  • Better sex and romance :) :)
  • Shifts in MINDSET
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Overall feeling of wellbeing 
  • And so many other amazing things happening! Join us today and lets see what we can help you heal and create. :)


$197 monthly subscription
no contract

Join and stay as long as you like, and cancel your membership when you are ready or need to.
And if something changes and you want to come back, you can!

This group membership has been created to be affordable and enjoyable!
Because HEALING can and should be FUN!

You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.

After a group energy healing... "There was a huge release of energy and a tremendous shift.

It felt like a boulder had been removed. I feel aligned with the divine, light filled and so joyful." ~~ Group Member


Still on the fence..?
Ask yourself the question... 


And think about some of the benefits listed above. So what is it, what's stopping you from taking action and up-leveling your personal healing experience and having what you want? 

If you are ready to say HELL YEAH to HEALING, and HELL YEAH to the LIFE you truly desire, then this is the group for you. Let us help you shift and find your sweet spot in your healing so that you can thrive and enjoy healing on every level. Because you deserve it! 

"The Inner Soul Cafe group as a whole made me pay attention to what

needs to be healed, to continue to move forward living a healthy spiritual life.

This group helps me gain more trust in my beliefs and my spiritual guidance.

If you want to see progress you as an individual have to put it in the work." ~~Group Member 

Not quite sure if the group environment is for you, or too much of a stretch to the budget right now..?

Guess what?!?! We have added a DAY PASS! Join us in one of our monthly classes via Zoom and get the support you need for that specific topic, and also get a feel for our vibe and see if it feels just right for you. If you end up joining the membership in the same month, your day pass purchase will be credited towards your membership payment. 

email us at for a list of our upcoming classes OR

 if you've already spoken with us or seen our posts and know what's coming up, Go ahead and grab your day pass! We can't wait to support you! 

Who Is Jasmine?

Most people tend to describe me as eclectic, out of the box, safe, soothing, insightful, supportive, caring,... I think I'm all of that. But more than anything, I'm another human being learning this experience of life every single day and sharing my knowledge, wisdom and experience to help others make the journey easier. 

In my work with my clients I bring my 20 years of experience in Health & Wellness and my education in Psychology. I'm probably not your typical anything, lol!


I've been in ministry and an Ordained Elder, been a certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist and started my degrees in Counseling & Psychology before realizing that my path needed to be drastically different.  

So I chucked all of the "safe and conventional" steps I was taking and decided to simply walk it one step at a time with my Angel Team and live this life as fully, wholly and energetically as I can. And yup, it is definitely scary sometimes, but thats the beauty of life isn't it? Getting to know thyself, and learning every single day!

After an intuitive guidance session... "I asked Jasmine one simple (and vague) question,

having never met her before or giving her any other info, and she knew so much about me as a person!

I actually teared up! She is truly gifted and a super warm, caring person. You can feel the positive energy

radiating off of her when she speaks to you." ~~  Individual Client 

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